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2012 Hand-Painted Denim Jacket with Snap Button Closure

Dries van Noten

2012 Hand-Painted Denim Jacket with Snap Button Closure


Size M: Best for an IT 46 - 36 Chest - S or a slim IT 48 - 38 Chest - S/M.

Dries van Noten hand-painted denim jacket from A/W 2012-2013. In excellent used condition. Made in Tunisia. RRP: $435 (£279)

For A/W 2012 Dries van Noten envisioned a meeting between Frank Zappa and Oscar Wilde. His sartorial interpretation of the imaginary encounter involved the rendering of classic British silhouettes in psychedelic colours and unexpected finishes. While the show took place, a team of artists painted a mural that was inspired by Wilde's writing and Zappa's energetic dadaism. The interesting construction of this denim jacket channels the collection's dynamic inspirations, and results in a classic yet directional piece that is quintessentially van Noten.

The jacket is made from an off-white cotton twill with an exceptionally soft texture. Upon being sewn a thick acrylic paint was applied to the piece, giving it a structured feel and a distinctive opaque white colour that invites closer inspection. Being the result of a hand-done process, the coated surface shows slight irregularities and occasional brush bristles. The clean styling is complemented by the use of hand-sewn snap buttons instead of the more common tap buttons used on denim garments. As such, the jacket's functional buttonholes become a point of visual interest. The piece is finished with a small collar, two vertical waist pockets and waist tabs on the back.  

Like all Dries van Noten garments, the silhouette is slim and flattering while allowing for ease of movement thanks to a beautifully cut narrow shoulder with a generous sleeve cap. The finishing of this piece is equally thoughtful. Selected details such as the underside of the collar and the left button placket are remain unpainted for a subtle and precise contrast. On the interior, flat-fell and bound seams ensure that the jacket can be worn for years to come without fraying.

This timeless and unexpectedly elegant piece introduces an intriguing experimental aspect to Dries van Noten's typical attention to detail. Its discreet yet avant-garde finish will make it one of your favourite casual jackets. Furthermore, the unique painted material will break in and age wonderfully though extensive wear.

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