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ENDYMA is an interdisciplinary project founded by Michael Kardamakis. Functioning as part historical garment archive, part research endeavour and part e-commerce outlet, ENDYMA is a space where exceptional vintage garments can be understood, appreciated and exchanged. Since its conception, ENDYMA has amassed the biggest collection of original Helmut Lang (1986-2005) worldwide, in addition to an extensive range of early Raf Simons, Burberry Prorsum and other European designers active in the 1990s and early 2000s. 

We reach out to fashion cognoscenti, researchers and collectors who recognise that the value of good design is not dictated by time. We aspire to create an accessible environment where one can discover the intricacies that make certain garments timeless works of art, even if making a purchase is not an option. Our Athens showroom offers visitors the opportunity to experience ENDYMA's collection in a relaxed and convivial environment. Contact us to arrange a visit.


ENDYMA's main Helmut Lang room
the main Helmut Lang room

Similar (albeit smaller) collections can be found in globally renown contemporary art museums, but the garments are presented in 'do not touch' displays or stored in elusive archives. On the contrary, ENDYMA's visitors are able to enjoy a hands-on demonstration of why and how Helmut Lang has achieved such an enduring impact on contemporary fashion. A considerable portion of the pieces in the archive can be tried on and purchased.

For any enquiries please send us a message. If you are a collector we can work with you; if you are looking for that special 'grail' piece we can help you find it. Furthermore, we are happy to lend garments for design research, high-quality editorials and academic investigations. Our showroom in downtown Athens is open by appointment only.