Restoration is central to ENDYMA's approach. Since the project's beginning, bringing garments back to life has been the main focus of the archive's day-to-day operations. Restoration can be beneficial for a garment intended for museum display, or for a personal favourite that will be worn for years to come.

ENDYMA's restoration services are available to private clients. Please enquire here.

In order for a garment to become part of the archive, it goes through a rigorous process of inspecting, cleaning and repairing. The individual steps vary greatly depending on each garment's characteristics and issues that need to be addressed: The process can range from a simple clean and press to deconstruction, partial redying and repairs using materials from other garments. Most of this work is performed by hand in our studio.

We also offer bespoke alteration services. The aim is ensure a perfect fit while respecting the aesthetic and construction principles of the garment that needs to be changed.

Feel free to contact us for any restoration or alteration project - big or small. We are always up for a challenge.

ENDYMA Restoration - Helmut Lang 1997 Officer Shirt in Fine Nylon
A Helmut Lang 
S/S 1997 officer shirt in fine nylon; post- and pre-restoration