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2011 Sterling Silver Feather Brooch with Chains

Ann Demeulemeester

2011 Sterling Silver Feather Brooch with Chains


One size.

Ann Demeulemeester feather brooch from A/W 2011-2012. In brand new condition with presentation box. RRP: £329

Feather jewellery is among some of Ann Demeulemeester's most recognizable creations, and its unique aesthetic epitomizes her idiosyncratic vision. Demeulemeester has stated that the original inspiration was her husband Patrick Robyn, who wore a feather in his chest pocket the first time they met. Since then, feather objects have become one of the brand's signatures and are released every season. A 1997 feature from Facetten #1 explains:

'From the very beginning Demeulemeester also gave her models feathers - set, for example, in a necklet and hanging over the naked body. "I find it absolutely essential to include the feathers", she said, five years ago, "It's only then that the work is finished". The feathers form a sort of counterbalance, and at the same time a tailpiece. They represent a life that will allow itself to be driven only by the wind. Light and free, with no permanent home or meticulously planned future.

One of Demeulemeester's unique achievements is the ability to combine nonchalant tenderness with severe and dark designs. In the case of this brooch, this approach is encapsulated by the juxtaposition of a delicate pigeon feather with rugged sterling silver hardware. The result is a piece that looks very special while maintaining an effortless down-to-earth aesthetic.

The feather has a beautiful irregular grey colour with hints of black and pearl. It hangs in a silver mount from a handmade safety pin, alongside two woven chains of different widths. The Ann Demeulemeester logo is engraved into a disk at the end of the heavier chain, along with a '925' stamp. Despite being made entirely from sterling silver, the chains' fine construction gives them a soft, fabric-like drape. All hardware has a beautiful oxidised finish that results in a pronounced gunmetal colour and a beautiful patina. Overall, despite the somewhat disheveled aesthetic of this piece, its finishing is extremely precise and of a very high quality.

A signature Ann Demeulemeester accessory in beautifully aged sterling silver, this beautiful brooch will add a unique point of interest to any sophisticated outfit.

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