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2007 Micro Basketweave Cotton Darted Shirt with Double Collar

Raf Simons

2007 Micro Basketweave Cotton Darted Shirt with Double Collar


Size 46: Best for an IT 46 - 36 Chest - S or a slim IT 48 - 38 Chest - S/M.

Raf Simons tailored shirt with from A/W 2007-2008. In excellent used condition. Made in FYROM.

A/W 2007-2008 was seen by critics as one of Simons's most conservative collections at that stage of his career. Traditionally proportioned silhouettes and restrained styling emphasised structure and masculinity. At the same time, however, an impressive range of unconventional and experimental materials gave the collection a kind of ornate futurism that could only be described as avant-garde. Tim Blanks writes:

'Simons noted that "hands are important to create the shape of the future." [...] Fierce elbow-length gauntlets [...] were a jarringly futuristic counterpoint to tweeds, leathers, and knits that were just about the most traditional clothes Simons has yet created, but that was no accident. One of the designer's aims this time was to make traditional things more contemporary. A tweed coat zippered open down its seams to reveal a nylon underlay [...] and superb woven-wool jackets in an intense midnight blue were glazed as if by starlight in deep space. They embodied the essential paradox of Raf Simons's work: sleek futurism here, romantic melancholy there.' (our emphases) 

This shirt is a wonderful example of the collection's focus on fabric experimentation. Its details date back to Simons's first collections; his signature diagonal darts create a subtly aggressive element while giving shape to the torso. The fabric is a spectacular basketweave cotton consisting of shiny white and electric blue fibers that give it an intricately eye-catching appearance with a slightly reflective finish. The luxurious fabric is firm and substantial, complementing the shirt's fitted silhouette with narrow shoulders, slim sleeves and slightly contoured side seams. 

The expert proportions of the design are further demonstrated in its details: Transparent plastic buttons and a contrasting second collar add an extra layer of visual depth to the piece. The collar is small for a clean look, while the hem is straight, giving the shirt a sharp silhouette when worn untucked. On the back, long darts create a sharp silhouette while a narrow yoke further reinforces the design's dynamism. The sleeves have barrel cuffs with a single pleat. Finally, the interior is finished with flat-fell seams that protect the fabric from fraying.

In line with the Simons's paradigm-shifting approach, this shirt combines classicism with the designer's signature details that distinguish it from classic shirts. Its precise details and groundbreaking styling will make it a stand-out addition to any sophisticated wardrobe.

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