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2007 Abstract Patchwork Oversized Tank Top

Raf Simons

2007 Abstract Patchwork Oversized Tank Top


Size 46 (oversized): Best for any size between an IT 44 - 34 Chest - XS and a slim IT 54 - 44 Chest - XL.

Raf Simons graphic panelled vest from S/S 2007. In excellent used condition. Made in Turkey.

In our view, S/S 2007 was an unexpected moment of clarity for Simons. Higher temperatures often demand less fabric and more exposed skin, and this consideration was evident in the collection's effortless styling. Minimalist silhouettes pervaded, with an emphasis on clean shapes, light fabrics and easy layering. This uncluttered atmosphere laid the perfect groundwork for showcasing Simons's ingenious experimentations with graphic decoration, seen in the season's iconic sleeveless tops. Tim Blanks described the collection as an 'exultant trip down memory lane' and comments:

'"I felt like having fun," [Simons] said backstage, after a show that featured many of the elements—the narrow silhouettes, the sleeveless tops—that we've come to think of as classic Raf. [...] To take one sartorial element, then de- and reconstruct it is the sort of cerebral activity Simons loves to engage in—and somehow manages to make consistently fascinating. [...] In their uniformity, [the outfits] paradoxically emphasized individuality. Don't ask how Simons achieves such effects—put it down to sublime empathy.'

This top was one of the collection's signature items, with variations of its design being the focal point of several runway looks. Although it is a very simple piece, we find it to be a truly astounding example of Simons's beautiful abstract visuals. The design consists of narrow vertical strips of high quality cotton jersey with a compact structure that resembles performance materials. Oddly-shaped contrasting panels are inserted in various sections of the front, disrupting the uniformity of the linear construction. The result is a highly abstracted and refined composition, which in our view is best appreciated as wearable visual art. Interestingly, a different iteration of this design was appropriated by Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga's S/S 2009 collection.

The piece has an oversized, elongated cut with a tight crew neckline and dropped armholes. The silhouette is highly reminiscent of Simons's raver-inspired designs from the late-90's but with more relaxed proportions. The coloured details on the front are crafted from the same jersey material, with the exception of one black rectangle that is made from shiny black tyvek. The back is constructed from a single piece of fabric. Raw edges throughout lend a punk-inspired edge to the simple shape, while the neckline is finished with narrow ribbed binding. 

Combining subculture-inspired symbols with couture sophistication, this beautiful top is a true highlight. In our view, it deserves to be hung on a wall, or become part of the collection of a contemporary fashion museum. Strongly recommended.

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