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2004 Stretch Cotton Classic Shirt with Elbow Cut-Outs

Helmut Lang

2004 Stretch Cotton Classic Shirt with Elbow Cut-Outs


Size 40: Best for a Women's UK 8/US 6 or a UK 10/US 8.

Helmut Lang tailored shirt with cut-outs from S/S 2004. In good used condition with minor signs of wear. Made in Italy.

S/S 2004 is one of Helmut Lang's most famous seasons and many of its captivating designs are now part of modern fashion history. One of the collection's strongest themes was the' 'iridescent color' and 'lightness of structure' of dragonflies. Lang's typical sharp silhouettes were intensified by abstracted shapes, elastic straps, cut-outs and unexpected splashes of reflective materials. This shirt features the season's distinctive inner elbow cut-outs, an exemplary detail that was exclusive to the 2003 and 2004 collections. Although it is from the women's line, its style and sizing make it undeniably unisex.

While being one of the collection's more daring seasonal pieces, the shirt is tailor made to the same high specifications as Helmut Lang's traditional shirting. The front has a classic button closure, leading up to a strong collar with Lang's classic point shape. The cut is waist-length, narrow on the shoulders and moderately fitted through the body; a long vertical seam and darts sculpt the silhouette of the back. The abstract geometric shape of the cut-out sections brings the wearer's skin to the forefront, artfully turning it into an essential part of the shirt's design. It is this cerebral approach to revealing the body that makes Lang's clothes so subtly sensual. 

The shirt's materials and finishing are superb as to be expected. The fabric is a slightly stretchy blend of 98% cotton/2% elastane with a matte surface and saturated colour finish. The sleeves have Lang's classic two-piece construction, which enhances the shirt's structured look. The adjustable barrel cuffs have a curvilinear shape with two pleats and invisible cuff openings. The buttons are realised in genuine mother of pearl in a gunmetal tone. On the interior, all seams have flat fell finishing that prevents them from undesirable fraying. 

Standing at the intersection between traditional sartorial craftsmanship and avant-garde sophistication, this shirt is a quintessential Lang design that will add directional detail to any outfit. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, we believe it will look just as good if it was merely hung on a wall

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