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2003 Heavy Merino Wool Biker Cardigan

Dior Homme

2003 Heavy Merino Wool Biker Cardigan


Size M: Best for an IT 48 - 38 Chest - S/M or a slim IT 50 - 40 Chest - M.

Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane biker cardigan from A/W 2003 'Luster'. In excellent used condition. Made in Italy.

Hedi Slimane's A/W 2003 'Luster' collection for Dior Homme is considered by many as one of his most successful, and remembered as a landmark in 21st century menswear. Dominik Halas elaborates on the season's many groundbreaking details:

'Dior Homme's monumental fall/winter 2003 powerhouse collection entitled "Luster" is Hedi Slimane's enduring portrait of the misunderstood artist. At first glance, the dark, layered tones seem to evoke gothicism to the untrained eye, however a closer scrutiny reveals magically illuminated fabrics, shining much like the hearts and minds of the man Slimane had in mind. Many pieces featured in this show were waxed, especially the cotton jeans, some jackets, and numerous shirts and sweaters. This was the pioneering collection for a wave of waxed clothing in menswear, a trend whose ripples were felt strongly last season at labels such as Zara and in the entire "goth ninja" trend of the late 00's. The neon hoodies featured such eloquent details as leather epaulets, a staple of early Dior, and braided cuffs around the lower arms and wrists. Additionally, coats were made with pvc tape piping, jackets with horsehair cuffs and swarovski crystals, and bags in the shape of gun holsters. [...] [The collection] will forever be interred in the history books as the crowning achievement of menswear, the absolute purest and most spectacular expression of artistic genius, and the epitome of perfection.'

The cardigan for sale encapsulates Slimane's deeply groundbreaking approach while maintaining the collection's aggressive aesthetic. A closer inspection reveals that the quality and detailing of this piece are second to none, from the three-dimensional zipped sleeves to the iconic hardware and precise construction.

The fabric is a heavyweight Virgin Merino wool. The yarn is unquestionably of the highest quality and has aged exceptionally well despite the age of the piece. It is extremely substantial, resulting in a total weight of over 2,5 kg. The cut is slim and handsome with defined shoulders and elongated sleeves. The double zipper closure ends with a strong high collar. The sleeves feature Luster's iconic spiraling zips on the lower half. Braided knit follows the line of the zipper, and is reversed on the upper arms to produce a biker-inspired articulated shape. The shoulders and armholes are finished with structured hand knitted braiding, and the back features Dior Homme's signature dart.

The cardigan's quality and finishing are truly exemplary and make it one of the best pieces of knitwear we have sold: The knit has a fully fashioned construction, with each individual piece being knit to its exact shape in a process similar to hand knitting. This process is much more expensive than typical cut-and-sew knitwear and undoubtedly superior in terms of longevity. The pieces are then seamlessly attached together by handThe heavy Lampo zippers feature Slimane's iconic waxed lace pulls. All hardware has a matte black finish that complements the aggressive aesthetic of the piece. The neck is realised in a chunky double-layered rib knit, giving it volume and structure. The waist has two invisible slit pockets lined in lighter Merino wool. The sleeves also have large pocket compartments lined in the same material. Both waist and cuffs have double-layered panels to maintain the sharp lines of the body.

Overall, Slimane's early work for Dior Homme produced some of the most groundbreaking menswear of the past decade, and this piece is undoubtedly part of modern fashion history. Furthermore, its extremely high quality ensures that it will be worn for years.

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