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2002 Raw Silk Denim Slim Classic 2-Pocket Jacket

Helmut Lang

2002 Raw Silk Denim Slim Classic 2-Pocket Jacket


IT 44 - 34 Chest - XS (mislabelled as 46).

Helmut Lang raw silk denim jacket from A/W 2002-2003. In excellent used condition with minor signs of wear. Made in Italy.

We have often argued that Helmut Lang's work was catalytic in the transformation of classic denim staples to sophisticated high fashion pieces. In this fashion-transforming narrative that starts with the introduction of Helmut Lang Jeans in 1996, Lang's distinctive silk denim fabric stands out as an archetypal example of the subtle yet groundbreaking material experimentation that characterises the brand. Luxurious and understated, it lends a cerebral elegance to the clean lines of Lang's denim jackets.

The raw denim fabric's unique addition of 10% silk make it completely different from ordinary denim. Despite being raw (unwashed) and thus somewhat rigid, the fabric is soft and finely textured. Unlike its less luxurious 100% cotton counterparts, it maintains a clean appearance over time with considerably less fading and stretching. The fabric's weft has a faint silver luster, which is more pronounced on the interior side. The jacket's streamlined design -a subtle take on the classic trucker jacket- gives prominence to this very special material. The silhouette is sharp and flattering, with a fitted body, narrow sleeves and high armholes. A strong point collar and waist tabs complete the design.

The construction of this piece is exemplary like all Helmut Lang denim garments. Precise flat-fell seams protect the interior from undesirable fraying while making the jacket completely reversibleThe hardware has a polished silver finish and is engraved with the Helmut Lang logo. Upon a closer inspection, we can see that thin tonal silk thread is used for all stitching, subtly complementing the streamlined aesthetic. 

This timeless piece combines Helmut Lang's minimalist precision with a beautiful fabric that has not been used by any other designer. Its discreet yet luxurious finish will make it one of your favourite casual jackets.

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