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2004 Fine Jersey Classic Polo Shirt

Helmut Lang

2004 Fine Jersey Classic Polo Shirt


Size M: Best for an IT 48 - 38 Chest - S/M or an IT 46 - 36 Chest - S

Helmut Lang minimalist polo shirt from S/S 2004. In excellent used condition. Made in Italy.

'There is nothing more clean and classic than a white shirt. It has a twisted elegance that is very seductive.'
- Helmut Lang, 1998

Helmut Lang's creative vision was often about creating a well-curated wardrobe rather than making short-term fashionable statements. As part of this endeavour, Helmut Lang retail locations always offered a range of classic designs besides seasonal creations. This streamlined polo shirt is a pristine example, characterised by resolute simplicity and precise craftsmanship.  

Constructed with as little superficial detailing as possible, the design invites the wearer to focus on the purity of its form and elegant fabrication. The fabric is luxurious cotton jersey with a mercerised treatment. The finely knit material has a deep colour and a beautifully lustrous surface. Furthermore, its high thread count results in a pleasantly rich and smooth texture while ensuring that it will maintain its softness for longer. The cut is Lang's classic shape which maintained the ease of a full cut shirt without additional bulk, resulting in an archetypal masculine look that is precise and timeless. Elements such as the high armholes and narrow sleeve cap lend a certain sharpness to the shape and make for a very flattering silhouette.

The beauty of the piece's construction become apparent upon a closer inspection. The front buttoned opening has been constructed using as less visible stitching as possible to achieve a cleaner appearance. The buttons are mother-of-pearl and the closure leads up to a masculine point collar with a strong yet subtle shape. The hem is slightly longer at the back and finished with side slits. All edges are secured with a simple coverstitch.

Precisely finished and realised in an excellent quality fabric, this piece demonstrates the not-so-basic approach to basics that was crucial to Lang's commercial success and remains as relevant as ever.

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