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1999 Raw Denim Classic 2-Pocket Jacket

Helmut Lang

1999 Raw Denim Classic 2-Pocket Jacket


IT 46 - 36 Chest - S.

Helmut Lang denim jacket from S/S 1999. In excellent used condition with natural fading on the arms. Made in Italy.

The mid-1990s were a seminal phase of Helmut Lang's work. It was during this period that the novelty-hungry press described Lang's work as 'minimalist', often in juxtaposition to the visually saturated creations of Ferre and Versace from the late 1980s. Lang's designs were visually resolute, refined and uncluttered. They represented a new approach to dressing, where luxury was achieved through effortless sophistication and an emphasis on luxurious fabrics and elegant cuts rather than gratuitous ornamentation and oversized logos. 

Furthermore, jeans were one of Helmut Lang's most popular transeasonal pieces and fashion critics have widely acknowledged that his innovative designs were catalytic in the transformation of denim garments to covetable, highly conceptual fashion items. Originally showcased for S/S 1997, Lang's signature two-pocket denim jacket was one of the brand's most popular casual pieces and was released every season until the early 2000s. Its streamlined design is complemented by a very sharp narrow cut with a fitted body, defined shoulders and slim elongated sleeves. The look is finished with a chunky collar and waist tabs. The fabric is a robust raw denim with naturally beautiful fades and texture variations. 

Like many original Helmut Lang garments, this piece is best appreciated upon a closer inspection of its attention to detail. All hardware is made of nickel with a matte silver finish and is engraved with the Helmut Lang Jeans logo. Selected details such as the buttonholes are sewn with black instead of orange thread, complementing the jacket's streamlined design. Generally all seams are executed to a very high standard, and give an architectural precision to the jackets construction. On the interior, all seams feature precise flat-fell finishing that protects the jacket from undesirable fraying while making the jacket completely reversible.

This timeless classic piece combines Helmut Lang's minimalist precision with well thought-out detailing and a sleek cut. It will definitely become one of your favourite casual jackets, and will only look better through wear.

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