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1999 Asymmetrical Waist Pack with Leg Strap

Helmut Lang

1999 Asymmetrical Waist Pack with Leg Strap


32 cm x 36 cm x 5 cm. This bag has a capacity of approximately 3 litres.

Helmut Lang strapped waist bag from S/S 1999. In excellent used condition. Made in Japan. 

This piece was one of Helmut Lang's most distinctive creations for 1999, with a prominent position in both collections of the year. This period marks an important transition in the Austrian designer's work. His designs are increasingly becoming more layered and abstract, often with subtle references to subcultural styles. On the accessories front, raver-inspired storage packs with straps were shown on the arms, legs and around the waist. This unconventional bag was one of the collection's signature pieces and was shown in several mens' and womens' outfits.

The bag has a large zipped compartment on the front, with a smaller pocket positioned along the upper seam. A thick velcro strap secures it to the waist, while a thinner strap with a D-ring closure can be used to attach the bag to the thigh. The result is a combative and somewhat aggressive design that encapsulates the 'Urban Warrior' aesthetic of Lang's final years. Darts on the top corners shape the precise silhouette, while subtle stamped branding decorates the front. The zippers feature large branded pull tabs. The fully lined interior is finished with a zipped pocket and a polished metal plaque that has been precisely engraved with the Helmut Lang logo. 

Simple yet avant-garde, this iconic piece is quintessential Lang. Its timelessly directional aesthetic will make a strong impression as part of any sophisticated outfit.

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