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1998 Broken-In Raw Denim 4-Pocket Jacket

Helmut Lang

1998 Broken-In Raw Denim 4-Pocket Jacket


IT 52 - 42 Chest - L: Can also fit an IT 50 - 40 Chest - M/L.

Helmut Lang denim jacket from A/W 1998-1999. In vintage used condition with natural fading throughout. Made in Italy.

We have often argued that Helmut Lang's work was largely responsible for the transformation of classic denim staples to sophisticated and strikingly modern runway pieces. An examination of Lang's output throughout his career reveals that American denim jackets were a strong source of inspiration for the designer, who created countless garments influenced by their iconic detailing and proportions.

Among the various designs that were showcased throughout Lang's career, the 4-pocket iteration of the classic denim jacket is considered to be one of the rarest versionsExclusive to A/W 1998, the design combines Lang's minimalist vision with the increased practicality of six storage compartments. The jacket features four pockets on the front; the upper pockets are shaped like the back pockets of jeans while the waist pockets are discreetly positioned along the front seams. The visual result is geometric, utilitarian and distinctively Lang. The pronounced fades of the once-raw denim fabric -created through years of wear with minimal washing- lend an authentic character to the streamlined design. This is particularly noticeable on the sleeves and cuffs. The cut is slightly more fitted than typical Helmut Lang jackets, featuring elongated sleeves and a tapered waist.

The attention to detail of this piece is superb like all Helmut lang denim. All hardware is made of nickel with a matte silver finish and is engraved with the Helmut Lang Jeans logo. Selected details such as the buttonholes are sewn with black instead of orange thread, complementing the jacket's streamlined design. The cuffs feature darts that shape the volume of the sleeves, while the back is finished with rectangular waist tabs. On the interior there are two large pockets, and all seams feature precise flat-fell finishing that protects them from undesirable fraying.

Sharp and discreet, this piece is another handsome demonstration of Lang's cerebral take on classic denim icons. In addition to its interesting details, the jacket has aged wonderfully over time to achieve beautiful fades that can only be achieved through years of wear.

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