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1996 Polartec Fleece 'Ninja High' Jacket

Vexed Generation

1996 Polartec Fleece 'Ninja High' Jacket


Size S (unisex): Best for an IT 46 - 36 chest - S, a large IT 44 - 34 Chest - XS or a Women's UK 12/US 10.

Vexed Generation 'Ninja High' jacket from A/W 1996-1997. In very good used condition. Made in the United Kingdom.

The 'Ninja' jacket is one of Vexed Generation's most iconic garments. Introduced for A/W 1995-1996, it was one of the label's most popular unisex designs and reissued every year until the its demise. Lorraine Gamman and Vexed co-founder Adam Thorpe explain:

'The Vexed Ninjahood and high [collar jacket] are so-called because of the anonymity they offer the wearer. The high collar performs a dual functionality, masking the wearer’s identity and providing a housing into which a respiratory filter may be fitted to ‘clean’ urban air (particularly when riding a bicycle or scooter). [...] The cut of the garment is close fitting to the body and articulated at the sleeve to maximize comfort when the arms are bent in a ‘riding’ position. This body conscious cut, derived from functionality of streamlining for urban mobility, was also unique at the time of its introduction when all other fleeces were shapeless garments considering only warmth. The fleece used by Vexed is Polartec 300 Series– the premium material of this genre. A highly thermal polyester fleece derived from recycled plastic bottles.' (our emphasis)

Besides being highly functional, the jacket is a spectacular looking piece with very sharp lines. The high collar covers a part of the wearer's face when closed, or falls dramatically towards the shoulders when open. Besides optimizing movement, the three-dimensional construction of the sleeves lends the jacket an aggressive biker-inspired edge. The front closes with a black double zipper, while the collar is finished with Vexed's signature short drawstrings. A flap covers the top part of the zipper, blocking wind and protecting the neck.

A piece of contemporary British fashion history, this inimitable jacket looks just as directional as it did back in 1995. It could be part of someone's personal wardrobe as much as it could be displayed in a modern art museum. 


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