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2004 Overdyed Extrafine Jersey 'Rave Signal' T-shirt

Raf Simons

2004 Overdyed Extrafine Jersey 'Rave Signal' T-shirt


Size 48: best for a slim IT 48 - 38 Chest - S/M or an IT 46 - 36 Chest - S.

Raf Simons T-shirt from A/W 2004-2005 'Waves'. In excellent used condition with minor signs of wear. Made in Belgium.

The A/W 2004 'Waves' collection was a bold step forward for Raf Simons menswear. On one hand there was sportswear inspired by contemporary Belgian youth: Nylon jackets, washed jeans, patterned sweaters and hooded parkas evoked images of high school backyards and local raves. On the other, an element of sinister dandyism was apparent in the form of long strong-shouldered outerwear paired with form-fitting rubber jumpsuits. Many the garments' proportions were distorted extensively to create entirely new silhouettes that revealed a new awareness of form for the designer. In the words of Jo Ann Furniss, 'the obsessive youth culture codes of [Simons's] past were turned into clothes that were purely about shape and form.' Peter De Potter explains the collection's conceptual basis:

'The collection explores the idea of conscious confinement and wilful enclosure. Again starting with the concept of an imaginary community outside of regulated society, the whole of the collection evokes the feeling of enlightenment and personal enrichment one can find in extreme but self-chosen isolation. The collection references at random various drop-out cultures that are conceived as likeminded tribes but when examined closely, are in fact gatherings of individuals seeking self-fulfilment through lonely practice. Wave cultures, cultures of rave waves and ocean waves. Eyes closed, alone with music, living only inside music, happily disappearing into the vortex of sounds and emotions. Arms wide open, alone with nature, taking to the sea, drifting away from the shore, fully realising the only options are drowning or surviving.'

The T-shirt is crafted from a luxurious cotton jersey knit that has been overdyed for a saturated colour finish, while its extrafine structure gives it a silky texture with a subtle metallic luster. The cut is sharp and flattering with a form-fitting body, skinny elongated sleeves and narrow shoulders. The neckline has a wide crew shape and is finished with a self-fabric band.

The left side of the chest and upper back are decorated with a bold print that reads 'RAVE SIGNAL' in an angular modernist font. Many of Simons's inspirations can be traced back to his adolescence, whose pervading influence can be seen across his collaborations and body of work. In this instance, the phrase is a quiet homage to 'Ravesignal', the title of a series of old-school techno 12"s by Belgian producer CJ Bolland from the early 1990's. The records were released on R & S Records, a renown label that collaborated with designer Tom Tosseyn to redesign its logo in 2011. Interestingly, Simons has also worked with with Tosseyn to create visual material for several of his collections. 

Overall, the razor-sharp silhouette and iconic print of this rare piece are quintessential Raf Simons, and will make a strong statement in any casual outfit.

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