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2009 Classic Slim T-Shirt with Embroidered Logo

Raf Simons

2009 Classic Slim T-Shirt with Embroidered Logo


IT 44: Best for an IT 46 - 36 Chest - S or an IT 44 - 34 Chest - XS.

Raf Simons T-shirt from S/S 2009. In excellent used condition. Made in Belgium.

Raf Simons has explored the concept of uniforms in several instances since his first collection. On his runways, this has been manifested in the display of consecutive looks consisting of variations of the same outfit to create a repetitive effect (pictured: an example from S/S 2007). A connection has been made between these themes and Simons's student years in a strict Catholic college, as well as his enduring fascination with conformity and rebellion. In a statement about his S/S 2002 collection, Simons stated that

"Repetition has become this obsession for me now […] By sending out male models all wearing headscarves, I think I’m enhancing the sense of repetition but not necessarily decreasing any sense of individuality you might get from the guys I’ve cast." (our emphasis)

This classic T-shirt is a quintessential Raf Simons piece that was featured in most of his late 2000s collections, although its design origins can be traced back to Simons's early years. While its beautiful burnt orange colour gives it a somewhat casual character, its precise lines and restrained details maintain a futuristic formality that is evocative of Simons's classic shirting. 

First of all, the fabric is a high quality pure cotton knit in a fine rib stitch, with a soft drape and crisp texture reminiscent of polo shirts. The cut is sharp and form-fitting with a narrow shoulderline, a waist-length hem and sleeves that are slightly shorter for a trim silhouette. The finishing is pristine and streamlined: Simons's signature 'R' logo is embroidered on the chest in contrasting white thread. Furthermore, the narrow crew neckline is finished with a chunky neckband that further underscores the serious character of the piece.

A true modern classic, this T-shirt is a well-thought-out basic that is sure to become a perennial favourite thanks to its luxurious fabrication and refined detailing. Strongly recommended.

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