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2005 Evening Shirt with Contrasting Plastron

Burberry Prorsum

2005 Evening Shirt with Contrasting Plastron


IT 46 - 36 Chest - S: Can also fit a slim IT 48  - 38 Chest - S/M.

Burberry Prorsum evening shirt from S/S 2005Sample in brand new condition without tags. Made in Italy.

Besides being the first Burberry Prorsum menswear runway, S/S 2005 was the first time Christopher Bailey experimented with bright colours, inspired by the avant-garde style of British artist David Hockney. The collection's pop electricity was intrinsically more energetic than Bailey's typically muted designs, but without losing the sharp elegance when it came to the sleekness of the clothes. This rare shirt is a case in point, combining a sharply tailored shape with an eye-popping contrasting plastron. It is worth pointing out that its design is nearly identical to Burberry Prorsum shirts from the label's latest collections, demonstrating Bailey's timeless vision.

The shirt is made from a densely woven cotton fabric. Its polished appearance is juxtaposed by a plastron made from ornate contrasting panels with bold diagonal red stripes. Intricate pleats give the plastron an impressive three-dimensional effect. The cut is slim and flattering, with a chunky small collar, narrow shoulders and slim sleeves. The back is finished with a short yoke and features long darts that further enhance the form-fitting silhouette.

The cuffs have a sharp rectangular shape, while the extra long cuff openings have ornate rectangular edges. All buttons are realised in genuine mother of pearl. On the inside, all seams have flat fell finishing that looks very sharp while preventing them from undesirable fraying. Overall, the construction of this shirt is supremely executed

Overall, this statement shirt demonstrates Christopher Bailey's idiosyncratic love for colour and texture. A finely crafted piece that is cut to perfection, it will complement any well put-together outfit.

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