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2009 Textured Bouclé Knit Elongated T-Shirt

Raf Simons

2009 Textured Bouclé Knit Elongated T-Shirt


IT 44: Best for an IT 46 - 36 Chest - S or an IT 44 - 34 Chest - XS.

Raf Simons knit top from S/S 2009. In excellent used condition. Made in Belgium. RRP: ¥65,000 (£357)

The S/S 2009 collection was largely devoted to experiments with classic tailoring. Razor-sharp cuts, refined plays with proportion and innovative fabrics resulted in a straightforward yet beautiful presentation that showcased Simons's talent as a tailor. Tim Blanks explains:

'[Simons] wanted to make a statement about extreme tailoring, just like his very first collection which, as he said, no one ever saw. [...] It was a hypnotic, compulsive exercise in rigorous design. As Simons himself said, it was "the anti-pajama"—the antithesis of all the soft, voluminous, ultracasual clothing that has dominated the men's runways this season. But it was scarcely even the main event. What was equally enthralling was the effort that went into the texture of the clothes. Fabrics that had the densely pressed effect of handmade paper were actually embroidered. So were what looked like tweeds (and at least 50 percent of the rest of the collection).' (our emphasis)

Capturing the spirit of the collection, this unique top is crafted from two custom-developed knit fabrics that give it a substantial and luxurious feel that is more commonly found in outerwear. The upper is a cotton blend with an intricate texture consisting of a thick bouclé yarn encased in white cotton. Possessing considerable weight and pronounced colour/texture variations, the fabric looks like a winter tailoring material but is in fact soft and accommodating. The lower portion of the T-shirt is made from a crisp viscose knit in a very fine rib stitch. Both materials are stretchy and complement the slim and elongated cut. The neckline has a wide crew shape while the sleeves are slightly shorter than usual for a sharper silhouette. On the interior, we can see that woven tape reinforces the shoulderline to maintain its sharp shape.

Overall, this beautiful piece illustrates how a most basic garment can be turned to a captivating showpiece thanks to Simons's eye for detail and fabrication. Its precise cut and uncompromising quality will make a sophisticated impact that will turn the most simple outfit into something special.

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