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2002 Extra Fine Royal Twill Classic Shirt

Helmut Lang

2002 Extra Fine Royal Twill Classic Shirt


38 Chest/15 Neck: Best for an IT 48 - 38 Chest - S/M or a slim IT 50 - 40 Chest - M.

Helmut Lang classic dress shirt from S/S 2002. In excellent used condition. Made in Italy.

'There is nothing more clean and classic than a white shirt. It has a twisted elegance that is very seductive.'

- Helmut Lang, 1998

Helmut Lang's minimalist output was often about creating a well-curated wardrobe rather than making short-term fashionable statements. As part of this aim, Helmut Lang stores always offered a range of classic designs besides seasonal creations. Lang's shirting was always among most successful interseasonal offerings (pictured: S/S 02, S/S 98, S/S 99, A/W 03), and an examination of this piece makes it easy to see why. 

First of all, the cut: Lang's classic shape maintained the ease of a full cut shirt without the additional bulk, resulting in an archetypal masculine look that is precise and timeless. Elements such as the high armholes and narrow sleeve cap lend a certain sharpness to the shape and make for a very flattering silhouette. 

Second, the fabric: Materials were at the forefront of Lang's design process, and the unconventional fabrics he used for his traditionally-styled shirts set a new precedent for contemporary menswear. In the instance of this piece, the designer has opted for an opulent royal twill that is best suited for instances where a degree of formality is desired. The luxurious fabric has a beautiful lustrous finish with a pronounced diagonal texture. Its fine yarn and high thread count give it a silkier and softer feel than standard shirt fabrics, while making it more durable.

Third, the finishing: inspired by mid-century workwear, ample attention has been devoted to every detail to create the ultimate modern shirt, tailor made to an exceptional standard. The mother-of-pearl button closure leads up to a chunky point collar with a strong yet subtle shape, while a reinforced rectangular patch pocket decorates the chest. The sleeves have a sharp two-piece construction, enhancing the shirt's structured look. The chunky barrel cuffs are adjustable with three precise pleats. Likewise, the upper back features side pleats for increased comfort. All interior seams have flat fell finishing that prevents them from undesirable fraying, thereby ensuring the longevity of the shirt.

A true modern classic, this shirt is proof of Helmut Lang's commitment to traditional craftsmanship. Expertly crafted in a beautiful fabric, it is a true wardrobe essential. Strongly recommended.

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