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2000 Silk Organza Sleeveless Layering Top

Helmut Lang

2000 Silk Organza Sleeveless Layering Top


Size 44: Best for any size between Women's UK 8/US 6 and a slim UK 14/US 12.

Helmut Lang fine silk tank top from S/S 2000. In brand new condition without tags. Made in Italy.

For S/S 2000 Helmut Lang used striking fabrics to give a new feeling of airiness and fluidity to his clean designs. Chiffon, organza and tulle silks in a variety of striking shades were complemented by fine cotton sateen, textured canvas and linen. Chosen for their translucent qualities and arresting textures, the opulent materials complemented the simple oversized silhouettes and highlighted Lang's ability to conceal and reveal intimate parts of the body while maintaining a dignified and understated character. While the collection was dreamlike and magnificent, an occasional element of everyday nonchalance was achieved thanks to the presence of Lang's classic sharp tailoring and raw denim jeans.

Capturing the collection's elegant lightness, this top is crafted from pure silk organza in a striking fuchsia hue. We have argued elsewhere that few pieces are as prominent as the fuchsia top in Lang's body of work. Originally introduced as one of S/S 1994's key styles, its distinctive see-through fabrication and visually arresting colour can be observed in several Helmut Lang collections up until his final years as a fashion designer. Indeed, it is fair to assume that this colour holds a special meaning to Lang, having appeared in garments as well as his recent artworks(pictured: S/S 2000, S/S 1999, S/S 2004 and Five Primitive Life Forms on B/W (Study for Next Ever After) from Lang's first art show in 2007. 

Constructed similarly to a tank top, the piece is cut narrow on the shoulders and chest, expanding towards the bottom for a carefully oversized silhouette. The front hem is curved and slightly longer than the back. The side seams feature articulated slits that give access to underlayer garments such as the waist pockets of a jacket or hoodie. Large pleats on the sides of the waist complete the thoughtful design. The neckline and armholes are finished with self-fabric binding, while all interior is beautifully constructed using exclusively French seams that protect the precious silk from fraying.

In line with his refined avant-garde vision, Lang has combined the sophistication of eveningwear with everyday effortlessness to create a luxurious yet easy-to-wear piece that will add a striking element to any sophisticated outfit. 

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