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1995 Transparent Jersey T-Shirt with Slashed Sleeves

Helmut Lang

1995 Transparent Jersey T-Shirt with Slashed Sleeves


Size XS: Best for a Women's UK 6/US 4 or a UK 8/US 6.

Helmut Lang nylon top from S/S 1995. In brand new condition without tags. Made in Italy.

Helmut Lang's S/S 1995 collection was a major success for the up-and-coming Austrian designer. Sharp silhouettes were realised in translucent and transparent textiles, citing 'Parisian chic, Hawaiian surf culture [and] the beat of techno' as inspiration. From US Vogue's January 1995 issue:  

'"What I find modern is the balanced use of both traditional fabrics and new textiles," says Helmut Lang, whose balancing act for spring involves mixing cotton, wool and leather with high-tech nylon, lacquered organza and synthetics designed to reflect light. Equally important: the simple shapes that take on a sophisticated glamour, thanks to Lang's futuristic fabrics. There are cigarette thin pants, jackets cut as close as shirts, skinny skirts, fitted T-shirts, and tank dresses. "It's the idea of combining well-known quality with new surfaces that makes them exciting," says the designer.' (our emphasis)

This top is crafted from Helmut Lang's signature transparent nylon jersey, which has a crisp texture and light drape more commonly found in performance textiles. The soft nylon knit clings gently to the body and can be daring or subtle depending on what is worn underneath. The silhouette is clean and form-fitting, with a crew neck, contoured side seams and narrow shoulders. The sleeves feature Lang's iconic 'slashed' construction on the inner elbowsThis unique detail has become a hallmark of Helmut Lang's womenswear and variations can be seen in several of his collections until the label's demise (pictured: S/S 1994 and 1995). The simple design is finished with a curved hem that is slightly longer on the back. 

A quintessential Helmut Lang design, this top is a testament to the ingenuity of the Austrian master's avant-garde sportswear. In addition, the rarity of pieces like this in unworn condition cannot be overstated.

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