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2006 Antique Chain Necklace

Ann Demeulemeester

2006 Antique Chain Necklace


One size.

Ann Demeulemeester necklace from S/S 2006. In very good used condition with minor signs of wear. RRP: £236

For S/S 2006, Demeulemeester decorated her men with intricate accessories featuring an assortment of metal objects. Some were paired with shirts and styled like ties, while others were pinned on pockets and lapels.

This bracelet combines a fine metal chain with various links and two distressed metal plates to make a statement that is subtle yet dandy. The plates a textured engraving on one side, and are stamped with the Ann Demeulemeester logo on the other. On the top part, a smaller chain features a teardrop-shaped tip. The closure is placed on the bottom instead of the front, enhancing the rugged style.

All hardware has a beautiful oxidised finish that results in a pronounced gunmetal colour and a beautiful patina. Overall, despite the somewhat disheveled aesthetic of this piece, its finishing is extremely precise. The result is a piece that looks very special and interesting while maintaining an effortless down-to-earth aesthetic. 

A quintessential Ann Demeulemeester accessory, this beautiful necklace will add a unique point of interest that channels the designers elegant and nonchalant approach to dressing.

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