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2005 Double Strap Leather Bracelet

Raf Simons

2005 Double Strap Leather Bracelet


One size (adjustable).
Raf Simons heavy buckled bracelet from S/S 2005 'History of the World'. In brand new condition with tag and box. Made in Belgium.

Ambitiously titled 'History of the World', Simons's S/S 2005 collection was a flawless exercise in the designer's transgressive experimentations with tradition and innovation. The clean lines of Raf's razor-sharp tailoring were paired with dramatic streetwear to create a visionary proposal for contemporary menswear. Cathy Horyn writes:

'Not many designers would have the instinct to call a collection History of the World, as Simons did in July 2004, and have the models descend on a pair of huge escalators or print on their invitation the names of people and things that had changed the modern world, as if to suggest that fashion -- or any one of us -- could do the same. How many people would make such a moral claim in a cynical age?' (our emphasis)

In a similar statement, Tim Blanks explains:

'Simons has undoubtedly made a difference to the world of menswear, and this collection only served to underscore the power and originality of his vision. Once absorbed by radical punk icons and slogans, Simons has now shifted his frame of reference to an earlier period: specifically, the moment when Kraftwerk put its pop culture spin on the nexus between man and machine. [...] He expressed his tailoring skill in linear, luxurious suits and coats that had a Gattaca flair. [...] Then the leanness exploded, in triple-pleated leather trousers, funnel-necked tops, and huge white coats that floated like angel wings. On that optimistic note, Simons concluded a stunning show that felt like a fresh start for him.' (our emphasis)

Simons aimed to give a monumental dimension to the collection, as suggested by the various phrases inscribed on garments and accessories. In the instance of this bracelet, a bold Raf Simons logo is accompanied by 'HIST. OT W.' and 'LEATHER' in large font. Further reference numbers and abbreviations lend an obscure character to the piece, possibly alluding to lab equipment and industrial design samples. 

The nuanced meanings of the bracelet's decoration are given a subtly aggressive edge by its directional design, consisting of a single piece of thick calf leather layered over two adjustable straps. The straps are adjustable and secure with military-style roller buckles and large metal studs. The design's sharp angles and precise construction create an austere minimalism that pleasantly offsets its punk-inspired aesthetic.

Boldly styled yet easy to wear, this rare bracelet is versatile accessory that straightforwardly embodies Raf Simons's graphic approach to streetwear.

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